[Authentic] Assignment – Advanced Management Accounting

Details: BUACC3714
Advanced Management Accounting
Contribution to overall assessment: 25%
Your textbook discusses the changes in business environment and the changing focus of management accounting.
The changes in management accounting could be summed-up as “from cost accounting to accounting for six capitals and accounting in the public sector”.
Increasingly, management accountants are seen as a part of the management team, providing strategic advice and they play a role in the public sector accountability.
Introduction to: Public Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting (Focus, Strategic Plans), and Six Capital.
Discuss the opportunities and challenges for management accountants in a digital and global economy.
Starting points for your research:
Your text: Chapters 1 and 17.
Six-Capitals Reading.
Strictly follow the marking guide for the assignment.
Additional information:
Required format: Essay (2 500 words)
Your work must comply with the University’s General Guide to Writing and Study Skills, General Guide to Referencing,and Assignment Layout and Appearance Guidelines.
This is a group-assignment. Each group needs to have 2 to 3 members in it. Please organise yourselves into groups.
BUACC3714, Advanced Management Accounting
Semester 1, 20
Bases of assessment
Content – Identification of relevant issues.
Research – Selection of relevant material.
A demonstration of critical evaluation of the material.
Expression of your viewpoint (and not a catalogue of quotes/ others’ ideas).

Expression – clarity, style (formal and academic), coherence in writing, grammar, punctuation, spellings and sentence structure.
A logical flow of argument at both the paragraph level and the overall text level.
Use of supporting arguments. Use of literature to support the argument.

Structure – Synopsis (Stated the topic, reflected main arguments and identified conclusions reached).
Introduction (Provided background/contextual information; clearly stated the essay topic; outlined the plan for addressing the topic).
Discussion in appropriately linked sections and paragraphs.
Conclusion (no new material; reiterated the main line of argument).

Referencing procedure (within the text, and at the end of the text). Appropriately styled and punctuated bibliography.

Overall Presentation – including cover page, line spacing, page numbering.

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