Audience Benefits And The You View Your Task Revise The

Audience Benefits and the “You” View

Your Task.
Revise the following sentences to emphasize the audience’s perspective and the “you” view.
a. We regret to announce that the bookstore will distribute free iPods only to students in classes in which the instructor has requested these devices as learning tools.
b. Our safety policy forbids us from renting power equipment to anyone who cannot demonstrate proficiency in its use.
c. To prevent us from possibly losing large sums of money in stolen identity schemes, our bank now requires verification of any large check presented for immediate payment.
d. So that we may bring our customer records up-to-date and eliminate the expense of duplicate mailings, we are asking you to complete and return the enclosed card.
e. For just $159 per person, we have arranged a two-night getaway package to Orlando that includes hotel accommodations, Pleasure Island tickets, and complimentary breakfasts.
f. We find it necessary to request all employees to complete the enclosed questionnaire so that we may develop a master schedule for summer vacations.
g. To enable us to continue our policy of selling name brands at discount prices, we can give store credit but we cannot give cash refunds on returned merchandise.

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