Athlete Whose Mass Is 70.0 Kg Drinks 16 Oz 453

An athlete whose mass is 70.0 kg drinks 16 oz (453.6 g) of refrigerated water. The water is at a temperature of 35.0°F.
(a) Ignoring the temperature change of the body that results from the water intake (so that the body is regarded as a reservoir always at 98.6°F), find the entropy increase of the entire system.
(b) What If? Assume that the entire body is cooled by the drink and that the average specific heat of a person is equal to the specific heat of liquid water. Ignoring any other energy transfers by heat and any metabolic energy release, find the athlete’s temperature after she drinks the cold water, given an initial body temperature of 98.6°F. Under these assumptions, what is the entropy increase of the entire system? Compare this result with the one you obtained in part (a).

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