AssignmentResearch ProposalProject TitleModule KF7028 – Research and Project ManagementModule tutor Shelagh KeoghSupervisor and Second marker nameAssignment title

KF7028 Research and Project Management
Assignment:Research Proposal
Project Title
Module: KF7028 – Research and Project Management
Module tutor: Shelagh Keogh
Supervisor and Second marker name:
Assignment title: MSc Research Proposal’
Student name and your university identifier:  (always underline the surname/family name by which you are recorded in the university systems)
Programme or course of study:
Confirmation that you have completed the ethical approval process:  Yes/No
Date arranged by you with your supervisor and second marker for the review:
Word Count:

1. Aim

Produce a summary of what your project will achieve in one or two sentences, ideally construct a research question.

1        Background, Motivation and Relevance

  • Set out and justify, using supporting literature, where your work will fit in the computing body of knowledge.
  • Outline and critically discuss what relevant research has been undertaken, in the past, in your area of interest and why this project is necessary.
  • Outline and critically discuss why the research will be of value, in the future, and what the anticipated impact of the outcomes will be.
  • Outline why you want to undertake this work, some areas to consider are, personal motivation, skills set and career choices.
  • .

2        Scope, Objectives and Risk

  • Outline and justify the scope of your project – what you intend to do, what you will not include but might be expected by others to be incorporated.
  • Outline numbered steps (SMART Objectives) you will have to complete in order to achieve the aims. After each objective outline the deliverable or outcome that will be produced.  Outline how you will assess and or measure the quality for that objective.  Outline what research method/design you will adopt for each objective and how each method will support one another.
  • Produce a task list for all objectives, that defines, task, deliverable, resources (all types) required, skills required, time required.

·      Produce a risk log (see example on your Blackboard Assessment tab)

  • Identify and justify a journal where your work would be relevant for publication.
  • Identify aspects of the standards for publication in the target journal that you can incorporate into your project, so for example the referencing system, font style and pitch etc.
  • Identify, justify and critically discuss any authors, journals where previous relevant research has been published within the last 5 years. There is no fix number, it is your judgement to scope this listing.

3        Ethics, Legal, Social, Security and Professional Issues

Write out a section that discusses, explores and defines all of the ethical, legal, social and professional issues associated with your project, including how you will consider security issues.  If you think an area of this section is not applicable to your project, you should justify why this is the case.

3.1        Ethics Issues

3.2        Legal Issues

3.3        Social Issues

3.4        Security Issues

3.5        Professional Issues

4        Schedule of Activities

Using your task list, construct a Gantt Chart and a Monitoring and Control table (see examples given your Blackboard Assessment tab.

5        Reference List

References: these should be primarily used to support your background section and include the latest relevant research in your chosen topic area.  All references in the reference list must also appear within the body of the report.  There is no ideal number of references recommended but a guide might be no less than 10 – 15 sources should be used.

6        Appendix A

Ethics Form: you should include a completed ethics form at Appendix A. You should take a hard copy of this form to your project review meeting, after discussions it may needfurther approval/amendments depending on the ethical considerations for your project.  See Blackboard Assessment tab for the form.
After your form has been signed off by your tutor you must upload it to Blackboard KF7028 site under the assessment tab.

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