Assignment 2. Midweek Production Assignment. Simon and Alvin Copyright Infringem

Assignment 2: Midweek Production Assignment: Simon and Alvin Copyright Infringement
Simon and Alvin wrote, recorded, and performed several songs together over the span of 10 years. They were joint owners of the copyright in the songs. They broke up, and each started pursuing a solo career. Simon re-released the first song he and Alvin did together, 11 years after its first release.
Consider the above scenario with Simon and Alvin. Alvin and Simon had a written agreement that required authorization from the other person before one person wishes to modify or reinvent in any way the music they had created together.
Assuming the same facts as in the problem last week, respond to the following:
Does Alvin have a cause of action for copyright infringement against Simon? Why or why not?
What liabilities does Simon have if any?
What remedies does Alvin have against Simon if any?
Provide as separate papers, your analysis of the situation on whether Alvin has a cause of action for copyright infringement, Simon’s liabilities, and the remedies available to Alvin and secondly a draft of the legal brief example. Also include references to case law and statutes where appropriate.
Submit your answer in the legal brief template provided.
Click hereto download the document.
legal brief template is attached 
On a separate page, cite all sources according to Bluebook format.

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