Assessment 1 Fact SheetThis assessment is for these students only Gold Coast Melbourne – Hotel School OnlineSydney – Hotel School.                                                                                                                           TaskBy week 3, gain approval from your academic contact for the destination you will study inMKT01906. One student per destination for each cohort.

Assessment 1: Fact Sheet
This assessment is for these students only: Gold Coast; Melbourne – Hotel School; Online;
Sydney – Hotel School.                                                                                                                           Task
By week 3, gain approval from your academic contact for the destination you will study in
MKT01906. One student per destination for each cohort.
Prepare a two-page Fact Sheet which presents key details about the destination and
international tourism. The details will be background for future assessments in MKT01906.
• Identify the destination for MKT01906.
• Use information sources (online or hard copy) to prepare a two-page Fact Sheet
• Number of international visitors and visitor origin.
• The type of accommodation options available at the destination.
• The economic impact on GDP from tourism at the destination?
• Several key tourism attractions at the destination.
6 | MKT01906 International Tourism Systems (Session 1, 2019)
Once information has been gathered, prepare the Fact Sheet including two relevant graphs or
tables (maximum of 2 created by you using several other sources) to outline international
tourism at the destination.
This is to be original work which includes analysis and presentation of information
gathered from several sources. Directly copied information (like copied graphs or tables)
will not be accepted.
Marking criteria
• Logical argument (3 marks)
• Presentation and discussion of facts (10 marks)
• Information sources identified (2 marks)
• Clarity of expression (5 mark)
Total (20 marks)
Assessment 2: Annotated bibliography
This assessment is for these students only: Gold Coast; Melbourne – Hotel School; Online;
Sydney – Hotel School                                                                                                                            Task
Complete an annotated bibliography of literature related to tourism impacts and your
MKT01906 destination.
1. Locate, summarise and evaluate six (6) articles (three (3) academic journal articles
published between 2005 and 2019, and three (3) non-academic ones) relating to tourism
at your MKT01906 destination (see Question 5 instructions for Assessment 3).
2. Use the Academic Skills Quick Guide ‘Writing an Annotated Bibliography’ on MySCU site
produced by SCU Centre for Teaching and Learning.
Your annotated bibliography should be presented as follows:
Assessment | 7
• Provide a heading for each article with full bibliographic details arranged in alphabetical
order, following the Harvard format.
• Describe the contents of each article and analyse each in relation to Questions 4
(destination development), 5 (tourism impacts) or 6 (policy implications). (see Assessment
3). What is the article about? What are key ideas in the article?
• Provide a statement on the relevance of each article to the MKT01906 destination. Do key
ideas relate to study destination? How?
Note: Readings or your text for MKT01906 cannot be used as academic sources for this
Marking criteria
• Correct bibliographic details for each academic source (2 marks)
• Review and evaluation of six sources (3 academic and 3 non-academic) relevant to
Assignment 3 (18 marks)
• Correct spelling, grammar and writing (10 marks)
Total (30 marks)
Assessment 3: Case study
This assessment is for these students only: Gold Coast; Melbourne – Hotel School; Online;
Sydney – Hotel School.                                                                                                                           Task
Develop a case study showcasing international tourism at your MKT01906 destination. You
selected the location prior toWeek 3. The assignment will develop critical thinking, analysis
and literacy skills to synthesise information related to theories studied in this unit.
Identify key issues for the destination from international tourism and contrast them with ideas
discussed in at least eight (8) recent and relevant academic sources. Assessment 2 (Annotated
Bibliography) will assist with literature required. Draw on other sources to support. Follow the
structure and criteria below.
Case study structure
1. Introduce the destination and outline main themes to be discussed in the case study. (100
2. Describe tourist visitation to your destination. Use relevant statistics to support your
answer. (350 words)
3. Explain what makes the destination attractive to tourists. Use the tourism system (Leiper,
1994, 2003), motivation or satisfaction theories from MKT01906. (250 words)
4. Identify and describe one negative and one positive impact from tourism activity on the
host community at the destination. (600 words)
5. Identify and explain two key issues which occur at the location related to tourism and
destination development. (700 words)
8 | MKT01906 International Tourism Systems (Session 1, 2019)
6. Identify and explain two (2) policy implications which stem from tourism for the
destination. (400 words)
7. Conclude the case study with a summary of key outcomes (100 words).
At the end of the case study add a list of all references you have cited (the reference list is not
included in the word count).
Marking criteria
Case study discussion
• Logical discussion and argument (4 marks)
• Clarity of expression (4 marks)
Case study analysis
• Introduction (2 marks)
• Tourism visitation (5 marks)
• Destination attractiveness (5 marks)
• Impacts of tourism (10 marks)
• Issue analysis (10 marks)
• Policy Implications (4 marks)
• Conclusion (2 marks)
• Correct referencing within body of report (2 marks)
• Correct referencing style for reference list (2 marks)
Total (50 marks)

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