Article summary 1500 words | ss172aw | University of California, Irvine

 For the second assignment students are individually responsible for writing a practice summary of an academic research article. This summary must be a minimum of 1,500 words, including a title page and reference page. APA formatted is required! 


For this practice article summary, it is important for students not to inject their personal opinions or ideas, using value-free language and remaining as impartial and objective as possible. Avoid focusing on charts or illustrations, and instead focus on summarizing the author’s ideas, research question, hypothesis, methodology, results, and discussion. Examples of article summaries and writing suggestions will be provided to you.

Avoid long quotes in your summary, and paraphrase whenever possible, citing the author’s last name and year of the publication. Do not cite secondary sources from your reading!

Maximum quotes = 2 short quotes (less than 40 words each).

Correct APA formatting is also required – double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins all around, APA in-text citations, running header, title page, and a reference page. Run spelling and grammar checks and double-check your APA formatting. Be sure to CITE your sources throughout the summary.

Grading Rubric
Article summaries will be graded according to the following criteria:
1. Content and Development (Total points: 60)
a. Paper adequately summarizes the research articles ideas, research question, hypothesis, methodology, results, and discussion: 60 Points

2. Mechanics and Style (Total points: 40)
a. APA rules of spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed: 30 Points
b. Sentences are complete, clear, and concise, and the tone is appropriate to the content and assignment: 10 Points

100 points total