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Article Review Forum 1

Topic: Lay Counseling Effectiveness

Read the article, “Do Lay Christian Counseling Approaches Work? What We Currently Know” by Garzon & Tilley (2009) provided in this module/week. Also incorporate Clinton & Ohlschlager (2002) Chapter 18, Lay Helping, from your text into your answer.

Garzon & Tilley (2009) provide a review of recent research on the effectiveness of a variety of lay counseling approaches. While the authors note that there is some empirical (research) support specific approaches, they also identify a general need for further study on the effectiveness of lay counseling. Based upon your reading of this article and information from Chapter 18 of the course text, please respond to each of the following questions:

  • Why is it important to conduct empirical studies on the effectiveness of lay counseling?
  • How might research on existing lay counseling approaches be used to further develop and improve the care that churches and Christian ministries are providing?
  • How might you be able to partner with your local church, or another Christian counseling organization to produce some basic validation of current lay counseling approaches?
  • Must reference both the article and the textbook Clinton ad Ohlschlager Volume One Competent Christian Counseling. No other outside references are needed. 350 words