Application of Theory: From the theory presentation.

Application of Theory: From the theory presentation, each student will develop an original paper that details how the student plans to use theory as a framework for a capstone project. The paper is to be structured as follows with the following headings: f) Introduction: please provide a 1 page summary of your proposed capstone project. g) Significance: please list and describe why this is an important clinical issue. (no more than 1 page) h) Theoretical Framework: Describe a theoretical framework that will guide your capstone project. Describe the theory, its concepts, and the relationship among concepts. Describe studies that have used this theoretical framework. (no more than 2 pages) i) Application of the Theoretical Framework: Please describe exactly how you will use this framework in your capstone project. You may need to describe how you adapted this theory. (2-3 pages. j) Provide a visual depiction and a description of your adapted theory, following the instructions for a figure as per the APA manual. (1 page) k) Summary: A 1-2 paragraph summary. Note: ONLY peer-reviewed journal articles are acceptable references for this paper.

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