aITC571 – Emerging Technologies and Innovation

aITC571 – Emerging Technologies and Innovation
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The final report assignment should be around 4000 words, excluding the abstract and references and have the following sections:
Please use the “Grammar Check” link in the left side bar in Interact2 to check the grammar of your final report before submission.

Abstract: (altogether 200 words ±10%)

Give a brief overview of the Introduction, Methods, and Discussion of the findings of your work. Complete the abstract with the conclusion. You can write each of these points as a small paragraph. All of the mentioned sections should be found in the abstract or your journal synopsis.
The word number is crucial, so avoid the lower or higher than the mentioned count.

1. Introduction: (altogether 1500 words ±10%)
Background (350 words ±10%)

Give a definition of the topic you are researching (a description, an argument or a proposal)

Significance (200 words ±10%)

Tell your reader what is of interest to you for your research and how it is important to the domain (industry, government, users, etc.)

Gap Analysis (200 words ±10%)

• Analyse the current unknown area in this domain
• State the problem (the narrow field you have researched)

Literature Review: (750 words ±10%)

• Describe the field of research and show your reader how you will organise your research (in sections with headings)
• Describe the research (what they did; how they did it; what technology they used) + evaluate the contribution the work makes to the field (i.e. why is this work important; how does it differ from other work)
o + show the limitations of the research (what did the researchers identify as limitations)
o + show what you think are omissions, gaps or limitations (you know this topic now; you should able to identify if they have not done something: gaps and limitations are the justification for doing this research) + show how the research is valuable for your project (link it to your work).
• Identify relationships among studies in the same group
• Keep your review focused on your topic: make sure that the articles you have found are relevant and directly related to your topic.

2. Methodology: (altogether 500 words ±10%)
Method (100 words ±10%)

Explain your main method of Review Article in general.

Data Collection (200 words ±10%)

Explain the details of your search, material, and the collection tools that you have used

Data Analysis (200 words ±10%)

Explain the different analytical methods that you applied to extract the results from the collected data

3. Results: (500 words ±10%)

Include tables, diagrams, flowcharts, or formulas as part of your review, each of them should be given a figure/ table number and that number must be cited in the main text with a detailed explanation (below the figure).

4. Discussion (altogether 1500 words ±10%)

• Consolidate your research space (restate what you wanted to achieve – if you are developing a framework from your research, your aim has been to justify the need for a framework (this should be in your introduction).
• This is the key part of your assignment and please put more emphasis on this. You need always link your critical analysis with the framework you proposed.
• Divide the discussion based on the key components
• Revisit the most important findings from your results and explain why they are important to answer your research questions

Future work (150 words ±10%)

• Point to the limitations of your own study.
• Recommend a course of action and identify areas for future research

Conclusion (200 words ±10%)

• Summarise the key findings from the discussion and how they answered the research questions
• Discuss the gap and how it is filled with your findings
• Restate the limitations

5. References ( 35 articles)

APA-7 Style (alphabetical order, proper naming of the authors, volume and issues of the journal, managing similar authors’ names in similar publication year, avoid duplicated references)
Please avoid citing old resources
Please note that you need to add all 30-35 references you have collected in your weekly submissions and the other additional references you have given for each journal paper. Please do the citation of all these papers in the main document (mindful of the comments on referencing above).

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