Advise Sham on the various immigration options for settlement in the United Kingdom

SECTION B (Answer one out of three)

  1. Razak is a Shia Muslim and Iraqi national applying for asylum in the United
    Kingdom because he fears violence in Baghdad and threat to his life. He faces
    additional risk because he worked as a supervisor with a British security firm in Iraq.
    His uncle who was working for the same firm had been killed by militia and a letter
    threatening “death to collaborators” had been fixed to his uncle’s door. Razak came to
    the United Kingdom on a trainee visa but has overstayed and , he is in a relationship
    with Roger, a citizen of the United Kingdom.
    Explore the levels of protection under the European Convention on Human Rights 1950, the
    Convention on Status of Refugees 1951 and other relevant laws in ensuring that Razak
    secures protection in the United Kingdom.
  2. Bakkalcha visited Excel in the beginning of March 2021 asking for a COVID 19
    vaccination without appointment but on questioning was unable to provide evidence
    of his identity or immigration status. He became agitated when he was refused the
    vaccine, and police were called when he was shouting “I am a proud Oromo, I don’t
    need my family or even a wife”. In his pocket were found two unused ferry tickets
    from Hook of Holland to Harwich and 110 Euros issued by the French. On
    questioning, Bakkalcha says he has brothers who are students in Nice and Munich
    Universities, both asylum seekers, who have been helping him. He has maps of the
    two cities in his sack, and a newspaper from Amsterdam. Bakkalcha had been granted
    admission by Barcelona University but could not go there due to paucity of funds. He
    is now seeking asylum in the United Kingdom.
    Examine the various legal strategies under the Dublin Regulations and the Human Rights Act
    1998 to appeal against his imminent transfer order.
  3. Sham is a human rights lawyer from Myanmar who began his post graduate degree on
    human rights at University College London in 2020. However, after a few months, he
    became involved in Rohingya politics by coordinating the Rohingya’s Anti-Racism
    Movement activities in the United Kingdom. Sham did not complete his studies and
    when his money and visa expired in December 2020, he has overstayed his student
    visa though he is still working at a petrol station as a trusted supervisor. Sham’s
    university professor considers the subject of his research vital but has not seen his
    recent research progress. Sham is now romantically involved with June, a long-term
    resident in the United Kingdom from New Zealand whom he met at the university.
    Advise Sham on the various immigration options for settlement in the United Kingdom

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